Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Self-Driving Car Forecast

McKinsey & Company comes with both more optimistic and less optimistic forecasts of self-driving car adoption - the next big market for image sensors:


  1. Fantastic projections! I've allways been impressed by these kind of tech' and market predictions on 30 years. If I remember in the 60's the projections were on flying cars in the 2000's, right? Ok ok, I go back to real engineering...

    1. I have to admit that I am not a great believer in all those marketing predictions. If it was that easy to predict the future, life would be much easier I think. But nevertheless, please check out :

    2. :-). I'm currently selling my car. Where can I buy this one?

    3. Hello, Customer service?

      CS: Hello Sir, How may I be of your service?

      Hi, I am a proud owner of PAL V - Ultimate Freedom. It seems that I forgot to fill my tank and my reserve is ending. And oh, my GPS has been acting strangely and takes me through strange locations..

      CS: Ok, Sir, No problem. Can you tell me your current location?

      Well, the altitutde meter shows a few hundred meters and below I can see the English channnel, I guess..

      CS: Thank you sir. Please open the small box below the steering wheel, you should find a big fat book, black in colour.

      Ah, yes, is this the manual?

      CS: No sir, that is the Bible.

  2. Like most of what comes out of McKinsey these days....meaningless. Typical chasm adoption curve with worst case/best case hedge. This is typical 20 something B-school analysis without actually knowing the subject matter. This is what $250K in your kid's college fund gets you....a high disruption/low disruption model? Worthless. Thanks Mc.

  3. “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”
    ― Yogi Berra

    "Anything is possible"
    ― McKinsey & Company

  4. I think that we can predict things with some confidence, but the difficulty is WHEN :)-

  5. Haha this is great stuff. Just like typical weather forcasts here in Belgium. It will be mostly dry, but there is a chance that it might also rain.

  6. None of the panelists even ventured a guess as to when the technology would appear on roads in large numbers. “If you put it all together, you have an impossible equation,”

  7. Self-Driving cars or... Self-Hacking cars ? ;)


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