Monday, July 11, 2016

ON Semi Enhances NIR Performance of its CCDs

BusinessWire: The 8MP KAI-08052 CCD is the first device in ON Semiconductor’s CCD portfolio with enhanced NIR response, provides up to twice the sensitivity in NIR as the company’s standard Interline Transfer CCD pixel design.

The new 5.5um CCD pixel design used in the KAI-08052 extends the electron capture region deeper in the silicon to better capture electrons generated by long wavelength photons. This deeper pixel well improves detection of NIR wavelengths by up to a factor of two depending on the specific wavelength studied. And since the well structure also isolates the photodiodes from each other, this increase in NIR sensitivity comes without any reduction in image sharpness.

Camera manufacturers and end customers continue to confirm that products based on both CCD and CMOS technologies will be needed in these markets, making it important that we continue to develop and advance both of these technologies,” said Herb Erhardt, VP and GM, Industrial and Security Division, Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor. “The KAI-08052 provides a significant improvement in NIR sensitivity compared to our standard pixel design, and we look forward to utilizing this technology in additional products in the future.

As always, ON Semi is very open in releasing the actual performance info:


  1. What are the advantages of this CCD compared to CMOS sensor? Since the DC is high, QE is less and readout noise is high.

  2. Readout DC has been a problem with Kodak CCDs long before the On Semi acquisition...


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