Friday, July 01, 2016

RCA Story of Television

Jeff Quitney found a 1956 movie "The Story of Television" featuring RCA's David Sarnoff and Vladimir Zwyorikin talking about the early iconoscope and vidicon tubes. Initially, Vladimir Zwyorikin asked for $100,000 budget to develop the television. In the end, it costed RCA $50M to develop B&W TV and then another $70M to make a color version:

There is also an earlier version of this video with somewhat lower quality of video and sound.


  1. It's of course natural, but also annoying, that RCA's corporate propaganda account of the story of television ignores all the preceding work by others such as Baird, Takayanagi, Farnsworth, and many, many others.

  2. Especially Farnsworth, who was one of the first pioneers to demonstrate an entire TV Tx-Rx system in front of wide public in Philadelphia.


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