Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jaroslav Hynecek Gets 2016 EDS J.J. Ebers Award

IEEE Electron Devices Society publishes a list of this year's awards. Jaroslav Hynecek receives 2016 EDS J.J. Ebers Award for "For the pioneering work and advancement of CCD and CMOS image sensor technologies." The Award is to be presented at IEDM in December.


  1. Great personality, great engineer, great award. Congratulations Jerry. The imaging community is proud that another solid-state imaging pioneer is recognized by IEEE-EDS.

  2. Congratulations Jerry! Well deserved. The International Image Sensor Society (IISS - that's all of us!) awarded Jerry its Exceptional Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 IISW and the 2003 Walter Kosonocky Award. IF you attend IEDM, please be sure to attend and congratulate Jerry.

  3. Congratulations! Jerry-san.


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