Thursday, November 10, 2016

Valeo Autonomous Vehicle Guided by LiDAR and Camera

After completing its 13,000 mile hands-off drive across the USA, Valeo autonomous vehicle continues its trip with 13,000 km in Europe.

"The Valeo SCALA laser scanner is the key enabler in the Cruise4U system. The Valeo SCALA laser device scans the area in front of the vehicle and detects vehicles, motorbikes, pedestrians and static obstacles like trees, parked vehicles and guard rails – all with an extremely high level of accuracy. It works during the day and at night, when the car is driving at both high and low speeds. Using the collected data, the scanner creates a map of the environment allowing it to analyze and anticipate events around the vehicle.

On the Hands-Off U.S. Tour, the Valeo SCALA will work with a front-facing camera to scan the environment ahead of the vehicle, detecting any obstacles with extreme precision, and four corner radars that ensure safe lane changing.

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