Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Renault Partners with Chronocam

Groupe Renault CEO and Chairman Carlos Ghosn announced it has entered into a strategic development agreement with Chronocam SA, a developer of biologically-inspired vision sensors and computer vision solutions for automotive applications. This agreement will focus on further developing and applying Chronocam’s approach to sensing and processing visual inputs to Renault’s ADAS and autonomous driving developments.

The Chronocam technology translates into specific benefits for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, including:
  • Quicker detection of people and obstacles.
  • Enhanced robustness of the camera to adapt and detect environmental and contextual conditions.
  • Lower overall cost of implementation, making ADAS feature more accessible to more vehicles and market, thus improving safety in a broader way.

The two companies will work together to apply Chronocam’s technology to areas such as collision avoidance, driver assistance, pedestrian protection, blind spot detection and other critical functions to improve safety and efficiency in the operation of both manned and autonomous vehicles.

"With the ambition to become one of the first brands to offer “eyes-off/hands-off” technology on mainstream vehicles at affordable price, we’re pleased to work with Chronocam on an innovative computer vision technology in order to bring to Renault customers safer and more affordable ADAS and progressively autonomous driving systems,” said Gaspar Gascon, EVP, Product Engineering, Groupe Renault.

Earlier, Chronocam announced it has raised $15M in Series B financing. The funding comes from lead investor Intel Capital, along with iBionext, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH, 360 Capital, CEAi and Renault Group.


  1. Huge pixel size, no fundamental advantage.. sorry guys, very low chance to succeed.

    1. Yes, Renault will be rediculized by this annonce.

  2. Jaleousy is a very bad habbit Mr unknown and bitter from switzerland!

  3. "Huge pixel size, no fundamental advantage.. sorry guys, very low chance to succeed."

    Strange comment Mr Anonymous. You might take a closer look into the technology first. It is quite beneficial for certain computer vision areas. This is a new type of sensor, which should not be compared to standard CMOS imagers. It is not intended as replacement of CMOS imagers, it has different areas of applications.


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