Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Anteryon Introduces Modular SpectroBlocks

Anteryon presents an interesting concept of a modular architecture for fit-for-use spectroscopy: SpectroBlocks - miniature spectrum analyzers that can be assembled by simply clicking them together:

The units on the picture illustrate the SpectroBlocks roadmap:
  • a dual channel VIS-NIR broadband module (400nm – 950nm, resolution < 3nm) with USB3.
  • a broadband VIS-SWIR module (400nm – 1700nm), resolution: 2 nm (VIS), 6 nm (SWIR).
  • a cubic inch UV-NIR module (200nm- 1000nm), resolution < 1nm and USB3.
  • a 1 cc dual-channel VIS-VIS/NIR module, resolution

The modules utilize a 2D CMOS image sensors for the VIS-IR spectral range and miniaturized InGaAs sensors for SWIR. The detector-grating-unit, the optical heart of the micro-spectrometer, exploits Anteryon’s proprietary miniaturized optics based on replication technology.

Compared to competitive products, such as those of Hamamatsu, Fringoe, Consumer Physics, and nanoLambda, the SpectroBlocks are said to show better resolution and a wider spectral range making them better suited for food and tissue analysis. For example, the Consumer Physics and SCIO devices have a limited spectral range of 700nm – 1100nm in the NIR, while SpectroBlocks modules include the full VIS+NIR range for more reliable results. The unique feature of the VIS-SWIR module is that it measures from 400nm up to 1700nm in one compact device shown in the picture.

In addition to the grating-based modules, Anteryon is developing also SpectroBlocks with tunable optical filters based on piezo-driven Fabry-Pérot mirrors, for multispectral imaging in the visible, NIR and SWIR spectral ranges.

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