Thursday, December 01, 2016

Canon Applies for Curved Edge Sensor Patent

Canon Watch site noticed Egami article on Canon sensor with curved periphery portion, said to improve lens vignetting:

Update: Mirrorless Rumors site posted another patent from Egami , this time applied by Toshiba for a curved sensor:


  1. This seems like an optical nightmare. It's not flat. It's not curved. How can you make a lens that focuses on all parts of the curved sensor?

  2. It only seems a nightmare. Look at the lens shapes of the iPhone 6 camera. If you take a non-flat sensor surface into account with this ray pathes, you might be better in shading and CRA. It's a complexe system!

    I have no clue, how you bent a die.

  3. While there are benefits to having a curved die, the cons are staggering. You have CFA, ulenses, trenches, optical stack processes that need to be modified and they do not work well on non-flat surfaces...


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