Wednesday, December 14, 2016

e2v Emerald 2.8um Global Shutter Sensors Presentation

This post has been removed by e2v request.


  1. interesting.
    Readout noise is reported as 2e, but what is the total noise.
    I understand the temporal noise of the pixel is not included in the 2e?
    With global shuter the pixel noise is often high.
    Any idea of the total noise?

    what about the dark current at 60deg?
    omni-vision has 700e/s at 60deg, as far as understood

    Is there also temperature range indication?

  2. What is the speed at "ultra-low noise mode"?

  3. > This post has been removed by e2v request
    Informations about Emerald are online at the e2v homepage:


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