Friday, December 23, 2016

Custom Image Sensor Design Houses News

A new custom design company Imagica Technology has just been formed, by Rob Hannebauer in Vancouver, Canada. Their first designs are a couple of custom CMOS sensors for an unidentified company but they will also offer (through Alternative Vision) a series of CMOS line scan sensors designed to be pin and signal compatible with the discontinued Sony types widely used in spectrometers and other instruments.

Imagica is currently completely tied up with funded design backlog and will be for probably a year but after that they will be able to entertain new design programs.

Thanks to DG for the news and links on that!

Caelste publishes a presentation by Jan Vermeiren on some of its past and ongoing projects. The presentation includes sales an profits charts, quite unusual for a privately held company:

Renato Turchetta formed a new custom image sensor design company Wegapixel, based in the UK. From the company website: "WegaPixel is a one stop shop for CMOS image sensors. In addition to conventional imagers, the company brings together unique expertise in applications including high speed imaging, electron microscopy, X-ray digital imaging as well as UV and IR imaging."

As LaserFocusWorld and Photonics report, Wegapixel has a financial backing from Specialised Imaging camera company.


  1. Wegapixel website says Barcellona Spain

    1. Surprise. It appears that Renato Turchetta has relocated.


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