Friday, January 11, 2019

Event-Driven Camera Module for Smartphones

iniVation and aiCTX announce Speck, world’s first low-power neuromorphic SoC for mobile and IoT applications. Speck is a fully event-driven neuromorphic chip, combining a vision sensor with a convolutional neural network processor, packaged in a single chip. Speck is aimed to applications requiring always-on, real-time response at extremely low power budgets.

iniVation’s event-based Dynamic Vision Sensor technology provides a true neuromorphic vision sensing solution,” says Kynan Eng, CEO of iniVation. “Our sensor enables low-bandwidth, low-power, real-time vision solutions.

Event-based vision is a perfect match for our event-based convolutional network processing architecture,” adds Ning Qiao, CEO of aiCTX. “By putting our processor as close to the sensor as possible, we can provide an ultra-low-power, low-cost solution for vision in mobile and embedded applications.

Samples of Speck devices will be available starting in Q3 2019.

Thanks to TL for the pointer!

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