Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pixart New Web Site

Pixart updated its web site making it much more useful. Now it has much more info about its products, including ones from Primesensor, Pixart subsidiary:

"PrimeSensor Technology Inc., part of the PixArt Group, is a professional CMOS Image Sensor chip design house and provider. The PrimeSensor company has been delivering high quality CMOS Image Sensors over 20 years to various industries, including Surveillance Security, Consumer Electronics and Automotive Camera."

Pixart also publishes a couple of new video demos including one with its gesture recognition module:


  1. I recall Pixart was founded by UMC executives a little while after Photobit started to use UMC as a fab for our products. We later moved to TSMC which is where in hindsight I wish we had started. Live and learn.

  2. Very good site layout and content !


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