Sunday, January 20, 2019

TSMC Updates on CIS Process Development

On January 1st, TSMC published 2017 Annual Report and Business Overview with an info on CIS process development:
  • 0.13µm SPAD technology platform speeds up customer product development of LiDAR applications. Customers can use TSMC’s SPAD platform to achieve the best time-to-market, which will accelerate LiDAR’s use in automotive and security industries.
  • TSMC expanded its technology for optical fingerprint sensing, from 0.18µm and 0.11µm CMOS image sensors to collimator, enabling customers to customize their optical fingerprint sensors. Fingerprint sensing is a critical authentication scheme for many electronic communications and payment systems.
  • A high-performance sub-micron pixel development was completed and made ready for mass production;
  • NIR QE gained significant boost by innovative structure and usage of new material
  • Pitch density of wafer bond technology was pushed higher to maintain the Company’s world-wide leading position
  • Q&R worked with customers to complete stacked CIS Column Level Hybrid Bond (CLHB) process/product qualification and successfully shipped to customers in 2017

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