Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jingfang Optotelectronics Acquires Anteryon for about 45m Euros

PRNewswire: Suzhou, China-based Jingfang Optotelectronics (WLOPT), in collaboration with Beauchamp Beer B.V, acquired the Dutch Anteryon. The Eindhoven-registered Anteryon was spun off from Philips in 2006 with the intention to mass produce wafer level optics and mobile phone camera modules based on that. Now, 12 years later, the company delivers optical components and related services for business and consumer markets. Its core technologies comprise of IP and a proprietary replication technique to produce high end hybrid optical lenses combined with ultraprecise glass and surface structuring, optical and mechanical coatings and opto-mechanical and electronic assemblies including Hyper Spectral Imaging.

"This acquisition is an important milestone in WLOPTs long-term growth strategy and provides WLOPT with access to key technologies for the development of miniaturized optical solutions for high-volume consumer applications, such as smartphones, next-generation security and automotive applications," said Wang Wei, WLOPT's chairman. "The Anteryon technology and renowned team of experts in micro-optics, combined with our resources, will strengthen our ability to provide radically distinctive solutions in a variety of high-growth, high-volume consumer optics applications."

"We are extremely excited about the vision, commitment, drive and innovation power of our new partner. The technology and innovation level and execution power of WLOPT is unique and guarantees a market introduction of the upcoming OptiL products in line with high-volume market demands," said Gert-Jan Bloks, CEO of Anteryon.


  1. China buying technology on the cheap, ie stealing.

    1. I am no fan whatsoever of China's policies, but this is a purchase of know how, IP, and customers. This is not stealing any more than if some other domestic or foreign company purchased Anteryon. It is also a result of years of sending money to China to purchase materials and goods at a "cheap" price. Think of it as economic thermal equilibration. It might be a good time for your children to learn Chinese, at least until their economy crashes.

  2. I hope this is super slow motion - because this didn't look like high volume at all...


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