Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Banpil - Another Image Sensor Startup

I noticed them recently in EETimes article. Banpil's specialty is Multispectral Imaging Sensors.

CCD and CMOS image sensors technology are based on Si-technology, the detectable spectral ranges are limited to the wavelengths below 1 um where Si exhibits absorption. Besides, CCD and CMOS image sensors also have other shortcomings such as the inability to achieve high efficiency response combined with high quantum efficiency over a broad spectrum. It is highly desirable to design a monolithic sensor array, which could offer high bandwidth combined with high quantum efficiency over broad spectral ranges, and the possibility to rapidly and randomly address any pixel.

BANPIL has been issued with a patent on broadband image sensor capable of a broad spectral range and high sensitivity over a wide spectral range. This image sensor is capable of replacing today's CCD and CMOS sensors.

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