Friday, November 03, 2006

SuperPix - One More CIS Startup

Yahoo-Finance: Tower Semiconductor announced another image sensor customer - SuperPix from China with 2MP sensor.

Initially, the products will be used in cellular phone and smart phone cameras to be retailed within the Chinese market, with projections to eventually expand sales internationally. The Chinese market is the fastest growing retail customer base for cellular products. The annual market for cellular and smart phone image sensors in China, alone, is projected to exceed 200M units in 2008 and 300M in 2010, with business volume of the image sensors projected to exceed $500M.

From SuperPix site:

Up to now, Superpix has successively developed a series of CIS-SOC chips including 1/3 inch UXGA, 1/4 inch SXGA and 1/6 inch VGA. The pixel size of these products spreads from 2.8um to 3.6um.
The company history is one of quite rapid product development:

2005, Apr: SuperPix Micro Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., setup on April,2005
2005, Sep: 1/6 inch VGA CIS-SOC developed successively
2005, Oct: 1/3 inch SXGA CIS-SOC developed successively
2005, Nov: 1/3 inch UXGA and 1/4 inch SXGA CIS-SOC developed successively

It's not immediately clear why this fast paced history log is ended a year ago. Company pages copyright notice reveals its connection with Micro Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd. If SuperPix is a spin-out of Micro, this can explain a very fast development schedule.


  1. You overestimate Chinese IC development.

  2. May be. I've had heard controversial rumors about Superpix.


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