Saturday, November 04, 2006

IBM 0.18um CIS Process Data

Google cash reveals details of hidden IBM pdf file with CIMG7SF CIS process description.

First are IBM's sub-3um pixel parameters:

Dark Current: 100-300pA/cm @ 60C, which is equivalent to 34e/s @ 60C
Noise, Total: 30e rms @ 3Msps (including FPN)
Charge Capacity: 5630e/um, 10,300e
QE: 40% peak
Angle response:

10deg @ 70% of max, vertical
17deg @ 70% of max, horizontal
20deg @ 70% of max, diagonal

PRNU: 5% peak-to-peak, global
Image lag: 10e
Color closs-talk: 20% of Green, as measured in Red @ 650nm
Process: CIMG7SF
Wiring: Copper and aluminum

Process highlights:

Standard features:

■ Twin or triple-well CMOS technology on p- epitaxial p+ substrate
■ 4T/4S reference pixel
■ Photodiode defined with additional FEOL block masks
■ Thin Cu BEOL
■ Three and four levels of global metal
■ Fully integrated color filter array with webbed micro lenses

Optional features:

■ Vertical natural capacitor (VNCAP)
■ Nitride metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor
■ Polysilicon RR resistor
■ Optional chip scale package
■ Electrically writable e-fuses

Process Description:

Lithography: 180 nm
Voltage (VDD): 1.8 V
Additional power supply options: 2.5 V / 3.3 V I/O

Standard NFET / PFET:

Lmin: 0.18 µm
Lp: 0.145 µm
Vt(Wdes/Ldes = 10 µm/0.18 µm): 0.40 V / -0.38 V
IDsat(Wdes/Ldes = 10 µm/0.18 µm): 610 µA/µm / 260 µA/µm
Ioff(Wdes/Ldes = 10 µm/0.18 µm): <25pa/um size="4">Thick-oxide NFET / PFET

Lmin: 0.4 µm
Lp: 0.29 µm
Vt: 0.56 V / -0.68 V
IDsat: 590 µA/µm / 225 µA/µm
Ioff: <2.5pa/um size="4">Available FET devices (maximum voltage):

Standard NFET/PFET (1.8 V)
Zero-Vt NFET (1.8 V)
Triple-well NFET (1.8 V)
Thick-oxide NFET/PFET (2.5 V)
Thick oxide zero Vt NFET (2.5 V)
Thick-oxide triple-well NFET (2.5 V)
Thick-oxide I/O NFET/PFET (3.3 V)
Thick-oxide triple-well NFET (3.3 V)

Here is the text portion of the document:

IBM Semiconductor solutions offers a leading-edge CMOS image sensor (CIMG) technology based on IBM’s industry-standard 180-nm CMOS technology family. Clients can choose appropriate devices and design tools to match their application requirements.
Base technology IBM CIMG7SF provides a highly competitive sub 3.0-µm, 4-transistor 4-shared (4T/4S) pixel architecture with an optimized transfer gate, which is ideal for mobile camera phone and digital still-camera applications. CIMG7SF also provides large reference pixels for high end digital still camera and emerging applications. The offering includes state-of-the-art micro lenses and color filters for exceptional quantum efficiency and angle response, along with pinned photodiode technology for reduced dark current. This technology uses aluminum wiring for the last metal level and copper wiring for the remaining metal levels. With thin back-end-of-line (BEOL) metal stacks and improved dielectric tolerance, CIMG7SF is ideal for multiple CMOS image-sensor applications.

The document is dated by July 2006.

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