Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dongbu and Siliconfile Trumpet 0.13um Era

Yahoo-Finance: Dongbu and Siliconfile announced jointly developed 0.13um process generation. Volume production of CIS devices using the new process is expected to begin during the first quarter of 2007.
The most strange thing about this press-release is that there is no mention of pixel size - one of the best metrics of process advances.
The new process uses a 3-layer aluminum interconnect. Distance between the photodiode and the micro lens has been reduced to less than 4 microns. Here the press release states "This compares to a 5-micron distance in CIS chips from the world's largest CIS device manufacturer, Micron Technology Inc." This is quite a rare direct comparison statement for an official press-release. Also, the data about Micron seems to be a little outdated.
The claim also improvements in color quality in terms of resolution, gray scale, relative illumination and color crosstalk among red-green-blue pixels, thereby improving sensitivity by more than 20 Percent.
Af for the next step, Dongbu is targeting early 2008 to qualify a CIS process at the 110nm node for volume production.

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