Sunday, November 19, 2006

Camera-Phone Image Quality Forum

Stanford University hosts Technical Forum on Camera Phone Image Quality on December 7, 2006.
Most known people from the Valley area presenting there. Here is the Forum's program:

Opening Remarks:
-- Joyce Farrell, Executive Director, Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering
-- Lisa Walker, President, International Imaging Industry Association

Frontiers in Mobile Imaging
-- Video processing, encoding and transmission , Bernd Girod, Stanford
-- Advances and new applications for imaging sensors, Abbas El Gamal , Stanford
-- Perceptual quality metrics based on human vision, Brian Wandell, Stanford

Mobile Imaging (Lifestyle) Use cases and their impact on Quality

What's the Problem with Camera Phones?
Background of the CPIQ Initiative
Jim Peyton, Director of Standards and Technology, International Imaging Industry Association

Defining the CPIQ Eco-system
Gary Embler, Palm

Quantifying Camera Phone Image Quality
-- Resolution/speed : Don Williams, Eastman Kodak
-- Color /lighting: Paul Hubel, Foveon, and Jack Holm, Hewlett Packard
-- Image Quality Scaling: Bror Hultgren, Image Integration, Inc.

Evaluating Quality in Real World Applications:
Quality Evaluation in Dynamic Situations

How much Quality and at What price (Panel Session)

Concluding remarks

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