Saturday, November 11, 2006

Siimpel Wraps Off Its New Product

After a long work in the stealth mode Siimpel presents a paper on the oncoming Electronic Imaging 2007 Conference:

MEMS digital camera, R. C. Gutierrez, T. K. Tang, R. J. Calvet, E. R. Fossum, Siimpel Corp. [6502-36]

I'm intrigued to see what came out of this.

Other notable papers are:

Mobile imaging (Invited Paper), K. Johnson, F. Xiao, J. Pincenti, Motorola, Inc. [6502-01]

Ultracompact optical zoom lens for mobile phone, K. Matsusaka, S. Ozawa, R. Yoshida, T. Yuasa, Y. Souma, Konica Minolta Opto, Inc. (Japan) [6502-02]

Camera-motion and mobile imaging, F. Xiao, J. Pincenti, G. John, K. Johnson, Motorola, Inc. [6502-03]

Autofocus survey: a comparison of algorithms, L. C. Shih, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. [6502-10]

Modeling of pixel reset associated wide dynamic range CMOS log image sensor, M. Hashimoto, Omron Automotive Electronics Technology (Germany); Y. Tani, Omron Corp. (Japan); J. Sochos, Omron Automotive Electronics Technology (Germany) [6502-04]

Leakage characteristics for the buried photodiode structure on CMOS image sensors, S. Lee, S. Lim, C. Lee, S. Bang, S. Kang, J. Park, J. Park, Dongbu Electronics Co., Ltd. (South Korea); R. A. Martin, S. Bae, Foveon, Inc. [6502-05]

CMOS color image sensors with silicon photodiode and overlaid organic photoconductive layer having narrow absorption band, S. Takada, M. Ihama, Fuji Photo Film Co.,Ltd. (Japan); T. Komatsu, T. Saito, Kanagawa Univ. (Japan) [6502-06]

Motion deblurring based on fusing differently exposed images, M. Tico, M. Vehvilainen, Nokia Research Ctr. (Finland) [6502-30]

Fast nonlocal means for image denoising, B. C. Radu, M. Vehvilainen, Nokia Research Ctr. (Finland) [6502-26]

CMOS image sensor noise reduction method for image signal processor in digital cameras and camera phones, Y. Yoo, S. Lee, W. Choe, C. Kim, SAMSUNG Advanced Institute of Technology (South Korea) [6502-27]

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