Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BSI Symposium at International Image Sensor Workshop 2009

I received this announcement from Albert Theuwissen:

Dear imaging friend,

I am happy to inform you about the fact that the organizing committee of the International Image Sensor Workshop 2009 is working on a special Symposium focusing on Back-Side Illumation of Solid-State Image Sensors. This symposium is scheduled on the first day of the workshop, being Thursday June 25th, 2009.
We invited 8 world experts in the field of BSI. At this moment 4 of them already confirmed that they will give a talk at the symposium. We are convinced that this new initiative will be a great success because the BSI is a very "hot" topic. For professional applications as well as consumer applications, for CCDs as well as CMOS, engineers are researching the possibility to produce back-side illuminated image sensors.

On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to
[remind] you about the fact that the deadline for paper submissions is within 6 weeks from now, being Feb. 26th, 2009. If you have in mind to submit an abstract, make sure you do not miss this deadline !

Looking forward to a successful IISW 2009 !

Albert Theuwissen, on behalf of the organizing committee.

This sounds like a great idea to me. BSI is going to be the next great thing and such an open discussion can help the industry to overcome the initial problems.

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