Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Largest Commercial CMOS Sensor to Appear on Summer

The Engineer On-Line: London, UK based Dexela is developing the mammography system with X-ray detector based on an array of tiled CMOS sensors. "It will be the largest CMOS image sensor ever commercially deployed," Dexela founder Edward Bullard said, adding that his company plans to demonstrate a prototype this summer. It will be low noise and take images 30 times faster than competing amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors.

So far, Dexela has raised more than £4.7m via two funding rounds and grants - looks like the image sensor development is cheap these days, even the world largest ones.


  1. Maybe they are just buying tile-able sensors from a sensor company and they are making the panels?

    Anyway, I believe 3-side buttable CMOS image sensors for tiled x-ray use were first described in US Patent No. 7,009,646 filed in 1997 and presently assigned to Micron.


  2. There is enough prior art to this patent, and by the way, CCDs were tiled together for the first time about 256 years ago.


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