Thursday, January 15, 2009

Omnivision Rushes TSMC Orders

Digitimes reports that TSMC has recently received rush orders from Omnivision.


  1. Inventory rebuilding or a real uptick in demand? I hope for the latter but I suspect the former.

    Also, I suspect that other CIS manufacturers are getting inventory rebuilding orders as well. Things were looking really bleak a month ago. I remember Micron saying on their conference call that their CIS orders were down in line with others in the "industry", and the only public CIS guidance out there was for Omnivision (yuck).

  2. If there is any truth to it, why would anyone place a rush order just to build inventory? Especially in a soft market like this one? Sorry but placing rush orders to build inventory doesn't make much sense. If it's at all true, it has to be to either fill demand or for some other purpose, like spoofing the competition perhaps. However, that would be a very expensive method of messing with the competitions mind so I would expect the former.

  3. This remains me of 2002 - 2003 when no one wanted to hold inventory. If you let your inventory go to basically zero and you get even a few orders, it could lead to rush orders down the supply chain.

    Still ... I agree that its hard to tell. Digitimes hasn't always been right, you know ...


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