Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Papers From Cristel-Loic Tisse On-Line

Cristel-Loic Tisse from DxO Lab kindly published some his recent papers and presentations on-line:

C.Tisse, H.P. Nguyen, R.Tessieres, M.Pyanet & F.Guichard, “ Extended Depth-of-Field (EDoF) using sharpness transport across colour channels”, Proc. of SPIE conference on Optics+Photonics (Optical Engineering and Applications), San Diego, US, August 2008.

F.Guichard, C.Tisse & F.Cao, “ Image Processing Challenges in the World of Small Pixels”, Talk / Pre-conference Workshop - Proc. of IntertechPira conference on Image Sensors, London, UK, March 2008.

The papers present the new interesting approaches to small pixel image quality improvement.


  1. First paper can be downloaded, second one shows only an abstract.

  2. Very strange. Just yesterday there was a download link to a huge 16MB file.


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