Monday, January 26, 2009

Tessera's SHELLCASE in 1B Image Sensors

Yahoo: Tessera’s SHELLCASE wafer-level chip-scale packaging technology has shipped in more than one billion image sensors. I believe the vast majority of those are Omnivision sensors.


  1. That brings up a good question. If I remember correctly, Omnivision licensed Shellcase back when it was independent and hurting for cash. I wonder how much of an ongoing royalty Tessera is getting from Omnivision? Also, with BSI supposedly in the works, you would think that Shellcase's business might be in jeopardy.

  2. Yes, Sanyo and Omnivision were early adapters of Shellcase. And now Tessera needs to think how its deals with BSI trend. I believe it still has few years till BSI conversion becomes industry-wide.

  3. Omni probably used Xintek in TW for most of it. They had an exclusive license for providing the Shellcase CSP process as a packaging vendor in Asia. It didn't rule out independent licenses for in house use by OEMs, just for packaging vendors.


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