Sunday, July 26, 2009

Image Sensor Doc Stream Slowing Down

It looks like image sensor content in the web is slowing down with time. Google image sensor documents timeline clearly shows the trend:

CMOS image sensor trend also looks similar, with number of the new web documents appearing at about half the rate of 2006:

Does this mean the industry is maturing up and there are less news to report? Or people are busy working and not writing much?


  1. Correct, that's my opinion too. Industry is maturing. Today the volume drivers in the market are cellphone and webcam applications. And, winning in these markets is more about smart business (sales) tactics, less about technology.

  2. Wrong. The industry is clearly in it's infancy. Pricing and adoption has hit a hiccup. China, India and other emerging markets have yet to be penetrated. Development is targeted to bringing the same qualities as P & S consumer cameras in a smaller form factor. Soon, very soon, there will be no need for low-end DSC's. Companies and developers are in quite modes right now developing as the new emphasis has shifted to process, new wafer level optic designs, processing and new optic dynamics. There is a heck of a lot of activity right now in this sector. It's just not in the public domain.



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