Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In-Stat Image Sensors 2009 Report

Toady In-Stat announced an Image Sensor 2009 report. To me it appears identical to the one from almost 4 months ago, but here it is anyway:

CMOS image sensor unit shipments dominate over CCDs nearly 10 to 1 across all market segments, reports In-Stat. However, excluding the nearly 1.3 billion CMOS camera phone image sensors, CCDs remain strong contenders across several application segments including digital still cameras, camcorders and video surveillance.

CMOS image sensors have captured low cost applications, such as PC cameras and toys, while CCDs have remained the dominant image sensor in higher end cameras. However, by 2013 CMOS will have surpassed CCDs across virtually every segment, including still cameras, camcorders and security cameras. Other findings:
  • CMOS sensors dominated image sensor shipments in 2008, with more than an 87% share.
  • By 2013, CCD is expected to comprise less than 4% of the total area image sensor market.
  • Embedded PC cameras will surpass digital still cameras to become the second-largest application for image sensors by 2011.
  • CMOS will make up 62% of security camera image sensors by 2013.


  1. Does In-Stat break out the market by dollars for CMOS vs CCD and chops vs modules?
    You have a geat site.

  2. I believe they do. One needs to pay $3K to know this for sure.


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