Monday, July 27, 2009

Tessera Develops 3MP Wafer Level Optics with EDOF

Yahoo: Tessera announced it is developing one of the industry’s first 3MP wafer-level optics solutions that integrates extended depth of field (EDOF). Sampling of Tessera’s integrated 3MPix wafer-level optics technology is expected to start in Q4 2009.

I wonder if the EDOF is mainly needed to cover optics assembly tolerances, or there is enough enhancement to provide extended focus even after the misalignments take their toll.


  1. Doesn't Tessera use that fresnal lens technology from Eyesquad? If I remember correctly, that forces more resolution to the center of the image and doesn't really work the way wave front coding does. I don't think that the Eyesquad technology would cover misalignments.

  2. Tessera recently acquired Dblur EDOF, which does cover the optical assembly inaccuracies.

  3. Be interesting to see how this compares to the ST 3MPix WLC, again with DBlur inside...

  4. Tessera uses Eyesquad technology.
    The OptiML technology is not just for EDoF!

    - EDOF enable
    - Image enhancement
    - Low light capability

    - Low profile/low cost lens designs
    - Relaxing manufacturing tolerances
    - Branding enabler


  5. Liran,

    You say that Eyesquad, rather than Dblur technology is used for relaxing manufacturing tolerances. Do I understand you correctly?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi,
    Both technologies among other things are used for relaxing manufacturing tolerances.


  7. Liran,

    Do you think the EDOF will work well when shooting code projected environment? (don't care on the albedo)


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