Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nemotek Offers 0.6mm-Sized Package

Yahoo: Nemotek new WLP provides a chip scale package with only 400µm as the minimum thickness. The die size is ultra-small at just 0.6mm, which fits up to 40,000 dies per wafer. This solution is based on Tessera WLP technology with TSV.

Production of Nemotek Technologie’s advanced WLP will take place in its 10,000sq.m facility. This facility includes a certified Class 10 clean room – the first in Africa located in the Rabat Technopolis Park, a hub for technology development in Morocco.


  1. er, would that headline actually be 0.6mm rather than 600nm?

  2. Thanks. Fixed. A long time dealing with pixel sizes affects my writing habits, probably.


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