Sunday, April 05, 2009

In-Stat on Image Sensor Market

In-Stat announced a new report on image sensor market. Its main conclusions are:

  • Camera phones comprised nearly 81% of area-array image sensor shipments in 2008, a share that is expected to shrink only slightly through 2013.
  • embedded PC cameras will surpass digital still cameras to become the second-largest application for image sensors by 2011
  • CMOS sensors dominated image sensor shipments in 2008, with more than an 87% share.
  • By 2013, CCD is expected to comprise less than 4% of the total area image sensor market.
  • CMOS will make up 62% of security camera image sensors by 2013.
  • While CMOS is gaining in digital still cameras, it will not surpass CCDs until 2013.

Worldwide unit shipments of image sensors in camera phones continue to rise, mostly as a result of the continuing penetration of dual-camera phones in Asian markets. These phones utilize both a traditional point-and-shoot camera, as well as a second, inward-facing camera for two-way video communication or videoconferencing.

In-Stat also gives the market growth projection till 2013:


  1. I would think that the 2009 forecast should be lower than 2008. probably by 10% to 15%.

  2. In-Stat prudently omitted 2008 from the graph: it only has odd years.

  3. It would be interesting to see what the graph would look like in dollars. the handset resolution is increasing dramatically, so the $ growth rate is likely much higher tha unit growth rate


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