Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Electronic Design Tells About BSI Technology

Electronic Design published a funny article on BSI sensor technology with statements like this:

"Sony, for example, claims a gain of 8 dB in sensitivity, with 6 dB of that due to better quantum efficiency and 2 dB due to lower SNR. So, back illumination is taking off."

Another statement:

"Tessera estimates that even allowing for economics of scale (more die per wafer), mass-produced back-illuminated die will cost twice to four times as much as front-illuminated die with similar resolution. Yet the payoff is what is estimated as five times improvement in performance overall."

However, the article has one interesting part that caught my attention:

"Sony has also seen success with backside illumination. It has produced a 5-Mpixel device on a 1.75-µm process for mobile phones, digital cameras, and camcorders."

If true, this might be a new sensor that I have never seen an announcement of. The sensor that Sony uses in its Exmor-R camcorders has 6.6MP resolution, while its BSI sensor for still cameras announced in August is 10.2MP.

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