Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Samsung Launches 1.4um Pixel Product

Market Watch: Samsung announced its newest quarter-inch optical format, 5MP SoC image sensor, the S5K4EA at the sixth annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum held in Taipei, Taiwan. Samsung’s proprietary pixel technology, the Samsung Enhanced Energy Steering (SEES) is said to bring more light into its 1.4um pixel. No word on BSI is said, so it's probably FSI sensor.

The S5K4EA imager has regionally adaptive DR expansion to brighten shadowed areas of a picture and is said to "intensify the clarity of brighter regions". Its fast frame capture with anti-shaking control feature enables sharp pictures by reducing blur caused by jitter from unsteady hands. The sensor is capable of processing 1080p resolution images at 30fps.

Samsung’s S5K4EA also offers auto focus, Xenon flash, mechanical or electronic rolling shutter. The new imager has a YUV output interface over MIPI2 or parallel. It also has JPEG with thumbnail output to speed up picture browsing on the phone.

The S5K4EA imager is available in an auto focus 8.5x8.5x6mm or smaller module. Samples are currently available with mass production slated for the first quarter of 2010.

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