Monday, September 07, 2009

NEC and NICT Develop Terahertz Camera

Tech-On: NEC and the National Institute of Information & Communications Technology (NICT) of Japan have jointly developed a portable camera with improved sensitivity to terahertz radiation. The camera is based on QVGA bolometric sensor. The sensitivity improvements are based on the new lens material and adding what appears like a resonant dipole on top of each bolometric pixel. A quantum cascade laser is used for the scene illumination.

Unfortunately, the article does not show pictures from the camera. I would love to see how the world looks in 3THz band.

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  1. Raytheon's Dr. Michael Jack had a similar approach to terahertz imaging using a resonant dipole at each bolometric pixel. They were showing the technology in 2007. This is a patent related to the method: 7,132,655


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