Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pixart Starts Shipping Optical Touch Sensors

Digitimes: Pixart is expected to see its revenues for Q3 2009 grow at a sequential rate higher than the 30% it projected earlier due to increasing demand for its optical touch panel solutions from the PC segment, according to Digitimes sources.

Pixart is Quanta Computer's sole supplier of optical touch solutions used in all-in-one PCs and notebooks and it began shipping to Quanta earlier this quarter. The company expects to sign more customers in the optical touch sector beginning in 2010, the sources added.


  1. what is the price of this touch compared to conventional methods (resistive, capacitive)?

  2. I'm not sure what is advantage of optical touchscreen, but there is EETimes article on resistive vs different capacitive touchscreen solutions with a debate in comments:


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