Friday, September 11, 2009

HD Video Affects DSLR Sensors Design

Semiconductor International published Chipworks article talking about how HD video feature affected DSLR sensor design. The article analyzes quite significant changes in Samsung sensors used in Pentax K-7 (HD) and K20D (non-HD) and Panasonic DMC-GH1 (HD) and DMC-G1 (non-HD) sensors. Chipworks also mentions that Nikon uses its own designed sensors in its recent DSLRs, rather than outsource them to Sony. Canon DSLR sensors are said to be very stable design-wise and have little evolution over the last 3 years, with most performance improvement possibly coming from the Digic ISPs.

Update: Chipworks blog has an expanded version of the article.

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  1. Re: Nikon Sensor. It's entirely possible, Nikon does have sensor people but caution must be exercised as chipworks statement is due to a single instance of die art/marking. I've seen sensors from Nikon cameras with both companies names on them.

    Would be nice to have feedback from someone with direct knowledge.



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