Thursday, June 17, 2010

Microsoft Presents Kinect, Hillary Clinton Tries Optrima 3D Camera

Optrima reports that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried its Optricam 3D Gesture Control camera at the US Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 on May 22, 2010. The camera was a part of General Electric X-ray simulator in the US Pavilion.

Engadget published fairly detailed review of Microsoft Kinect, which is the new name for "Project Natal" gesture recognition for Xbox360.


  1. It seems that ToF 3D sensor is not adopted by MS. I guess from Kinect photos, that their 3D sensor is based on structured light with a high power laser illuminator. You can see the illuminator blinking on the video clip because a little IR light can still pass through the camera's IR cut filter.

    Any one knows that this system can work under very Sunshine ?

    A lot of guys state that Kinect can work in a dim room, but that is the most favorable case to structured light stereo system.

  2. You are right, Microsoft officially confirmed it uses Primesense structured light technology for its 3D camera:

    I do not know how well Primesense copes with the direct sunlight.

  3. Thanks for this information !

    But I think that still the high power laser could be a eye-safty problem. Do you have any information from MS about this ??

  4. I'm sure Microsoft did some eye safety tests but I do not have any specific information.

  5. The picture is right, Miss Clinton visited GE demonstrator at the USA pavilion in Shanghai and that system is powered by an Optricam camera. Period


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