Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Optical Touch Panels Getting Acceptance

Digitimes: Optical touch vendor NextWindow expects that optical touch will become a standard specification like webcam for all-in-one PCs and LCD monitors when the price for dual-touch optical touch panels drops to US$1 per inch.

Current quotes for optical touch solutions are US$2 per inch for dual-touch panels (US$1 per inch for single-touch ones), much lower than those for projected capacitive solutions staying at US$4 per inch, according to Geoff Walker, marketing evangelist and industry guru for NextWindow. Quotes for dual-touch optical touch panels are expected to drop to US$1 per inch in 2-3 years.

The company shipped about 750,000 optical-touch panels in 2009, 70-80% of the touch-function enabled Windows 7 products in 2009, and NextWindow expects to account for over 70% of the market in 2010 amid limited competition.

Canada-based Smart Technologies recently acquired NextWindow. Despite the acquisition, NextWindow's brand, business, production and development will remain the same,


  1. who are the main player in this field ?

  2. Pixart makes dedicated sensors for optical touchscreens and announced few alliances in this field.

  3. do you mean PixelArt, the UMC invested design house ?

  4. What are the special features in such "dedicated sensor" please ?

  5. @ do you mean PixelArt, the UMC invested design house ?

    I meant Pixart Imaging, not Pixelart. Yes, UMC has invested in Pixart.

    @ What are the special features in such "dedicated sensor" please ?

    I can only guess what is special about this sensor: aspect ratio, IR sensitivity, background light subtraction.

  6. panavision imaging been in it for a long time. use to be PVS at one time

  7. I've a small naive question : How we can determine the finger position on the top side which is nearly in parallel with the two cameras axis line ???


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