Friday, June 04, 2010

OptoPAC Technology Presentation

OptoPAC kindly sent me an interesting presentation describing NeoPAC packaging. The 62 slides in the presentation are too many to publish here, I tried to select the most interesting ones (click on them for a bigger picture):

NeoPAC advantages are said to be:
  • AdvantagesCSP –Low mass, Thin, and Small
  • Excellent co-planarity between Image Sensor and Glass( << 5μm )
  • Minimal Shift and Rotation in Image sensor( << 5μm )
  • Peripheral area allows for direct lens holder attachment (suitable for LOG module)
  • Optimal co-planarity between sensor and lens through LOG structure
  • NeoPAC RED does not need separate IR filter glass, improves transmittance and reduces module height
  • Cost effective no focus module using NeoPAC RED and LOG structure
  • Minimal tilt between sensor and lens leads to excellent resolution in AF module
  • Excellent electrical and thermal performance through flip chip solder joint technologySimpler camera module process and better reliability / quality vs. Chip-On-Board (COB)
  • Proven image sensor package for the mobile market
    • Leading solution with 20M/month shipping to China
Still some improvement is needed:
  • Contamination is possible through air vent
    • No issue with good assembly process control
    • Issue at a limited number of assemblers but needed to be addressed
  • Removal and re-use of package requires placement of new solder balls
    • OptoPAC provides a re-balling service in its Shenzhen office
  • Board level reliability for TC and/or bending without using underfill
    • Required for reflowable mobile, PC cam, and automotive camera module
With this in mind NeoPAC® Keyi package was developed (Keyi in Chinese means “can do”):

NeoPAC Keyi Advantages:
  •  With NeoPAC Keyi there is no possibility of contamination during:
    • IPA glass cleaning,
    • Solder reflow,
    • Side fill and holder attach.
  • Board level reliability with polymer core balls significantly improved
    • Drop, Bending and Thermal Cycle testing passed without using underfill
    –Competitive CSPs and TSV based products required underfill to pass same tests
NeoPAC Red offers integrated IR blocking coating:

NeoPAC Lens-On-Glass (LOG) module:

Precisely assembled NeoPAC No-Focus Module (N2M):

NeoPAC AF module with 1/4-inch 3MP 1.75um sensor (S5K4CDGX):

Thanks to Peter Elenius for sending me the presentation!


  1. I think a short synopsis and a link to the presentation on their website would be a better use of bits.

  2. The Optopac logo looks just like the logo for Mild Seven Cigarettes in Japan. (see Google images for "mild seven logo")

    I know this because the logo also looks like the (defunct) Siimpel logo.

  3. Please could you save the full presentation on your blog.


  4. Here it is:

  5. The Optopac logo looks more like the Real dairy Seal than the Siimpel boomerangs.

  6. This technoogy is useless for BSI CIS! and probably will be pushed out of market during the next 2 years

    No future!

  7. i have worked in this company and would like to work back .

  8. References for OptoPac would be highly appreciated.


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