Friday, March 21, 2014

Amazon's Smartphone Rumored to Have 6 Camera Modules

Tech-On quotes KGI Securities Investment Advisory (Taiwan) analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicting that the long rumored Amazon's "smartphone will come with six camera modules, four of which will be used for gesture-based control and other user interfaces (UIs) that detect the user's motions. Kuo considers that the cost for procuring the camera modules is US$40-50 per phone."

Amazon's smartphone cameras, as predicted by
KGI Securities Investment Advisory

BGR partially confirms the story through its own sources. The phone is expected to be available in Q2 2014.


  1. The 4 VGAs must be passive stereo of some sort. Seems like overkill.

  2. wonder how they connected six cameras to the application processor

  3. I assume the there is a stereo ASIC for each pair of stereo cameras, but that still leaves four inputs.

  4. Stitching data from four VGA cameras in a PLD isn't very hard, even at 60+ fps. Collectively it's still less than 1080p.


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