Friday, March 14, 2014

Apple Strengthens its Camera Group

DPReview, AppleInsider noticed that "the number of open positions in Apple's camera engineering group has risen dramatically in recent weeks. Apple advertised 9 openings in February and has added at least 15 more just 12 days into March, with a majority located at the company's Cupertino, Calif. corporate headquarters."


  1. Does Apple have pixel design team as well?
    If yes, I'd like to join!

  2. How many of these do they want to be structured light experts I wonder?

  3. Maybe its replacing some of the good old timers who are leaving seeing the Aptina BOZO's take over

    1. BOZO's if any can only last a short period at a company like Apple and may be those are the people who've left. I think they must be making something really cool. On a sidenote, I always wonder how many people are actually left at Aptina with so many folks leaving the company?

  4. Very Constructive comment...


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