Tuesday, March 04, 2014

CMOSIS Announces 8MP/105fps GS Sensor

CMOSIS announces the CMV8000, a 4/3-inch 8MP sensor based on 5.5µm 8T glogal shutter pixel architecture. From an electro-optical point-of-view the CMV8000 offers the same performance as the older CMV2000 and CMV4000 sensors. "With the introduction of the CMV8000 we respond to the requests of many of our customer for a sensor with CMV performance closing the resolution gap that existed between our CMV4000 and CMV12000 image sensors", said Lou Hermans, COO, CMOSIS. "The full frame rate of 104 frames per second is achieved by using the proven data interfacing of the recently launched CMV12000."


  1. DC performance is not very good from CIS process point of view. Any explanation, Guys?

    1. Many transistors per pixel typically increase the dark current

    2. due to STI edges??

    3. Dark Current is due to multiple factors, as given below.
      1. Leakage current due to STI walls. With the conformal doping, you can passivate the dangling bonds of the STI walls. It is proven and adopted.
      2. Metals contamination also considered as a significant contributor to the dark currents (white pixels). The remedy is the adoption of Effective Gettering Schemes

    4. Look at the pixel schematic and you'll see why.

    5. I'd rather say, look at the pixel layout and you'll see why.

  2. How to fill STI after the conformal doping? Normally STI filling is an high temperature process step, B can diffuse rapidly away from the STI wall.


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