Sunday, November 02, 2014

Caeleste Presents Cryogenic ROIC

Caeleste paper and presentation "Cryogenic and Radiation-Hard ASIC for Interfacing Large Format NIR/SWIR Detector Arrays" by Peng Gao, Benoit Dupont, Bart Dierickx, Eric Müller, Geert Verbruggen, Stijn Gielis, Ramses Valvekens, presented at ICSO 2014, Tenerife, Spain, talks about the challenges to make circuit work at liquid nitrogen temperature, among other things:


  1. They have so urgent need to make buzz :)-.

  2. Why would you say that ? it is a prototype phase, not a product yet. We presented this paper last month at ICSO conference and we share what we do with the community. You should try it some times. ;)

  3. Benoit, I do support your view. Caeleste allows the rest of the community to get an idea of what is being done. Whether this is new or not, whether this is hot or not, nobody is forcing Anonymous to read the material ....

  4. Of course it's very useful and beneficial for IS community to share such experience. But when the same (almost) presentation passes so many times, it becomes a little bit bothering. I'm not against Caeleste at all, please don't feel vexed.

  5. well, if you look on our website, you get a lot of presentations and papers. 2 are with respect to the ASIC:

    - one I presented in SDW 2013 for the design phase
    - this one presents measurements results and packaging design.

    they are one year appart. And I still think the incremental content remains decent and at least, the ICSO committee considered it so as well.

    I presented my SDW paper as well in Toulouse last year, because a presenter could not make it, so I proposed my help. that's it.

    I you are looking for low incremental value on papers, I am quite sure you will find more suitable targets than us. :)

    I will be tomorrow at Vision Show in Stuttgart if you want to discuss it. Of course, if I see an Anonymous badge, I will say hello. ;)


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