Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Image Sensor Books

Recently, two image sensor books have been published. "High Performance Silicon Imaging: Fundamentals and Applications of CMOS and CCD sensors" is edited by Daniel Durini with contribution from many universities and well known imaging companies:

"Essential Principles of Image Sensors" by Takao Kuroda talks about essentials, just like its cover says:


  1. I just received my copy of High Performance Silicon Imaging. Content looks more than OK, I quickly checked. Good work done by the authors of the various chapters and good work done by the editor, Daniel Durini. But the quality of the paper used and the quality of the photographs is low, way too low for a book of 200+ US$. Bad work done by the Publisher Woodhead Publishers.

  2. Let me introduce a review of my book by Prof. Christian Brosseau published
    by Optical Society of America at

  3. There are many, many errors in High Performance Silicon Imaging book. Why didn't they proofread it more carefully? Also, the binding quality is very poor, my book practically fell apart after 1 month of use.


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