Friday, November 07, 2014

Sony Next Generation Global Shutter Sensor

Point Grey video gives a sneak peek of Sony next generation global shutter CMOS sensor, the IMX250  (starting at 2:15 time). The new 5MP 2/3-inch sensor has a smaller pixel size, and a more effective global shutter:

Update: Michael Jacoby, Point Grey's marketing and the author of the company's videos, says in comments to the video "the IMX250 is a long long way from production but our testing shows it has similar imaging performance (quantum efficiency , dynamic range, low temporal dark noise) as the current Pregius sensors (imx174, imx249) and in some cases is better. Major differences is the smaller sensor size and smaller pixel size."


  1. When will we find this inside Xperia phone?

  2. with a pixel pitch of 3.45um? not quite soon i'm afraid..

  3. There are same sensors at other booth. Imx250,252,253,255...

  4. I'm thinking about all the camcorders, compact cameras, etc...


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