Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rumor: Ingenic Semiconductor "Acquires" Omnivision

Reportedly, Ingenic Semiconductor, a small public company in Beijing, is in the process of acquiring Omnivision, and, possibly, Superpix. The deal is assumed to be a reverse merger where Omnivision gets access to Shenzhen stock market under Ingenic stock code 300223.

The Omnivision deal has been reported as Ingenic Semi's official announcement at the Chinese-language EastMoney site.

Thanks to XW for the link!

Update: The parameters of the deal can be found here:


  1. i think it is a fact, not a rumor anymore

    1. I agree. Will OmniVision merge with SuperPix in that case? Is there anything mentioned in the press release? thanks

    2. No, but i wouldn't be surprised if OV and SuperPix merge into one company since both of them are Chinese "state-owned" companies in consumer CIS market.

  2. surely fake?! OmniVision just got bought by Hua Capital Management, CITIC Capital Holdings and GoldStone Investment last year?!

  3. I think that the buyer of OV is also main share holder of Ingenic, so they use this shell to put OV on SZ stock exchange. BUt actually the stock exchange is at its high level, so they should wait a while. Ingenic is still held of quotation at SZ stock exchange...

  4. SuperPix is too small to acquire Omnivision, while Omnivision cannot merge SuperPix because their fund were coming from Beijing who is the major shareholder of SuperPix
    So, a good way to show equal respect is to let a 3rd company acquire both companies -- so called Chinese way...


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