Monday, May 11, 2009

Sony Promotes High-Speed Imaging

The latest Sony CX-News magazine features high-speed imaging articles. The first one talks about high-speed imaging applications, such as high-speed image buffering, image stabilization with rotation component compensation, simultaneous video and stills capture, etc.
Sony also adds a new 9.3MP 30fps image sensor to its lineup of 6.4MP 60fps and 8.1MP 40fps sensors. The second article discusses this new IMX032 sensor. It's based on 1.75um pixel. The pixel has only 5Ke saturation level - quite low for that generation, in fact, lower than many 1.4um pixels. I wonder if this is the price for speed or some other Sony-specific restriction? For example, the speed trade-off might include a larger source follower size, so the photodiode is smaller and its saturation charge is lower.

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  1. I would call this a high bandwidth image sensor but certainly not a high-speed image sensor with 4 MP CIS operating over 1000 fps.


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