Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TSMC Moves BSI Technology into Production

Seeking Alpha: In TSMC Q1'09 Earnings Call transcript Rick Tsai, the CEO, reiterates that TSMC continues to heavily invest into image sensor process R&D. He also says that BSI technology "is now being moved into production".


  1. While its nice to hear TSMC talk about BSI (meaning its still alive) I can't help but think that they won't be shipping til year end at the earliest. I know that OV goes for low cost, so it is probably taking a while to get the yields up. We should all do a first shipment date pool LOL. I'll take January '10.

  2. Not only Omnivision talks about low cost, but TSMC too. Specifically, Rick Tsai says:

    "We have also made pretty good progress. For instance, in the sensor technology we have developed together with a key partner what we call backside illumination technology, which will render a very high density sensor to be produced in a very low cost. This technology is now being moved into production."

    My bet is that Omnivision announces BSI mass production before the end of this summer.


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