Monday, August 10, 2009

CMOSIS Raises 3M Euros

CMOS image sensor start-up CMOSIS has successfully concluded a round of private equity financing from several Belgian high-tech investment firms totalling 3M euros. Lead investor is ING Corporate Investments of Brussels, Belgium, acting as strategic financial partner. The new round of capitalization for CMOSIS is geared towards the ongoing development of innovative CMOS image sensor technologies and further business expansion.

The CMOSIS technology portfolio contains crucial IP related to various advanced aspects of image sensors - among them high pixel counts at a high fill factor, high-speed functionality, large bit-depth of column ADCs, high dynamic range, TDI (time-delay and integration) implementation in CMOS and novel rad-hard pixel concepts.


  1. Is this Fill Factory again? Did Cypress end up doing anything with what they acquired?

  2. My understanding is that the old Fillfactory is still doing the custom designs inside Cypress and is nicely profitable at this.

  3. they try to sell the bear twice :)


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