Thursday, August 27, 2009

Omnivision Wins Next-Gen iPod Orders

Digitimes: OmniVision will be the sole supplier of 3MP sensors for oncoming iPod nano, iPod classic and iPod Touch which will be launched in September, according to Digitimes sources. Omnivision is now supplying 3MP sensors for the iPhone 3GS together with other suppliers and is expected to ship to Apple 18M sensors per quarter.


  1. This is huge for Omnivision. 72 million high resolution sensors per year should help the product mix.

  2. They probably got it because the only way to fit autofocus into the Nano is to use TrueFocus.
    I wonder if that kind of monopolistic leverage helped with the Touch and Classic.

    All assuming this is true.

  3. Anyone willing to share specifics?

    1. Sensor Pixel Size
    2. Is Trufocus implemented

  4. Mr. Wu from digitimes... well, you can check his record

  5. Could this be the debut of True Focus?

  6. True Focus performances are quite below DBLUR/DxO ones. If Apple wanted a real EDoF solution, they might have done the wrong choice.

  7. Isn't TrueFocus the only digital focusing system that can do more than just EDoF ie fixed-focus?

    How can the other solutions compete? They look hopeless.

  8. What do you mean exactly by "Isn't TrueFocus the only digital focusing system that can do more than just EDoF ie fixed-focus?"

  9. TrueFocus can focus to any degree on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

    All of the other products can only do EDoF, like the one found in the Palm Pre that can't do autofocus. In fact, this is the reason why Palm went with the EDoF-onlies, there's no substitute for TrueFocus while everyone and their mother can do EDoF.

    This stuff is all in the respective companies' patents.


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