Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fujifilm SuperCCD-EXR Technology

6Sight Blog: Announced almost 3 weeks ago, Fujifilm new F70EXR and S200EXR cameras employ new SuperCCD-EXR technology. The EXR is essentially a switchable sensor, changing its electronic behavior to suit the subject from three modes:
  • High Resolution deploys all the pixels to capture fine detail when lighting is full and even.
  • Wide Dynamic Range captures two exposures each with half the pixels, which are combined for detail in highlights that would otherwise be lost.
  • High Sensitivity and Low Noise combines two adjacent photodiodes to simulate a larger pixel that is “big enough to absorb light in the darkest of conditions,” and so capture low-light shots.
The new cameras also use two multi frame modes to improve image quality:
  • For a ‘wide aperture’ look, the Pro Focus mode combines two or three burst shots, and a “crisp shot of the subject is synthesized against a defocused background and foreground.” The feature “provides satisfying professional results at the touch of a button,” Fuji says.
  • Pro Low-light mode takes four high sensitivity images using Fuji’s “pixel fusion” system that are overlapped “to create one image with extremely low noise.”


  1. More info on the technology:

  2. Thank you. Once we talk about Fujifilm SuperCCD marketing, there is a good weekend question on the old SuperCCD presentation:

    For a long time it was on Fujifilm site, but now I was only able to find it at Toshiba Security, Fuji SuperCCD customer.

    Now, my question is, looking on the comparison pictures of SuperCCD vs. Conventional CCDs, do you see any difference?


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